Unparalleled Transparency Into the Cannabis Supply Chain

We are

Building a next-generation cannabis traceability technology platform, capturing each and every event in a Cannabis product’s lifecycle from cultivation through processing, manufacturing, distribution, and all the way to retail


Provides complete transparency across the chain of custody for every discrete unit of cannabis product.


Safeguards the security, integrity,

and authenticity of cannabis goods transferred along the value-chain.


Delivers real-time insights and aggregated compliance data from all licensed cannabis operators.

Regulators lack comprehensive tools to ensure full cannabis compliance.

This impedes their ability to fulfill their mission to promote public safety and prevent tax evasion and black-market diversions and inversions into the legal cannabis market.

The Problem

 “The entire system is broken. We can't receive goods. We can't sell to anyone. People are disgusted.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Prime’s unique analytic-driven forensic toolset covers every aspect of pre, post, and ongoing investigation processes, enabling governments to more effectively prevent black market diversions and inversions, while further protecting public safety.

Empowering Regulators


Flexibility in Dynamic
Regulatory Spaces

Jurisdictional templates automatically publish and streamline regulations directly to industry operators. Individual governments can swiftly redefine configurations, limits, and value-chain workflows that will help operators stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Efficient & Comprehensive

Prime augments investigations with evidence collection and field audit findings. A suspicious product’s entire life-cycle data is immediately available to investigators, providing a holistic overview of all case details.



Detection of Illicit Trade in
Cannabis Products

Prime’s advanced algorithms proactively identify under-reporting as well as any suspected product diversions or inversion. As a result, agencies will be empowered to take action to save valuable time and resources and maximize tax revenue.

Measurable Results

Faster Responses to Threats

Alerts appear with contextual insights allowing investigators
to quickly identify points of failure before they occur

Reduced Costly Overhead

Regulators simply adjust prime alert thresholds to address changing real-life events, avoiding policy stagnation, unnecessary alerts, and costly audits

Improved Visibility

Inventory control & monitoring dashboards give full visibility into case statuses, operator communications, and product recalls


Focus on Growth Rather Than Paperwork

Fit-to-purpose solution suites for each industry vertical shifts compliance reporting away from burdensome excel-like data systems to deliver an interactive, insightful and expedient reporting experience. Powered by best-of-breed technologies, Prime reduces operators’ costly overhead surrounding the mandatory reporting requirements.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Keeping Operators Compliant

Near-Zero Service Disruption

Mobile Ready Solution

Prime’s mobile app lets operators minimize manual mistakes with real-time compliance reporting.

Promotes Consumer Trust, Transparency & Reliability

In Prime, each retail-ready product can be labeled with a security stamp, reassuring patients and consumers as to the cannabis product's authenticity.

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