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A fully compliant and flourishing cannabis industry run according to the highest quality and safety standards, safeguarded by industry regulators with complete industry visibility


To promote cannabis consumer safety and reduce illicit market activities by empowering regulators with a complete track-and-trace technology suite to seamlessly monitor, investigate, document, and ensure industry compliance

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FLWR was founded in 2018 by accomplished entrepreneurs with proven track records for delivering game-changing regulatory solutions and a shared passion for safeguarding the global cannabis industry.

More than 33 states and Washington, DC as well as a growing number of countries globally have legalized some form of cannabis consumption in the last five years. This has led to explosive growth in the number of operators, plant-touching employees, and consumer demand, creating complex regulatory challenges. FLWR offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions to support responsible oversight of these jurisdictions burgeoning cannabis industries.

FLWR's team is working to make the vision of a thriving legal cannabis ecosystem a reality.




A Comprehensive Cannabis Traceability Platform

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