Insights To Impact


Delivers real-time insights and aggregated compliance data from all licensed cannabis operators


Provides complete transparency across the chain of custody for every discrete unit of cannabis product


Safeguards the security and integrity of the supply chain’s recorded data while ensuring business operator compliance

Prime’s traceability technology captures each and every event in a cannabis product’s lifecycle - from cultivation through processing, manufacturing, distribution and all the way up to retail

Keep Consumers Safe

Public Safety Comes First

See in real time where each ingredient, batch, and final product is distributed across the supply chain and have timelier responses to health-related concerns

Identify value chain points of failures ahead of time and prevent non-compliant products from reaching the market. Know exactly where every cannabis product sold to a customer originates - all the way across its chain of custody and down to its original plant – including its transportation and value chain transactions
More Efficient Product Recalls

Coordinate faster and more efficient product recalls with tools that identify and alert users to supply chain anomalies as soon as they occur

Products Remain in Legitimate Hands

Analytics-Driven Toolsets

Empower your compliance experts and field investigators with Prime’s analytics-driven toolset covering every aspect of the pre, post, and ongoing investigation process

Prioritized Alerts

Benefit from prioritized alerts and actionable insights highlighting any supply chain discrepancies and maleficence

Prime’s toolset provides a bulwark against industry misconduct. Prime accounts for all cannabis legally grown and sold in a jurisdiction, immediately identifying and alerting users to any irregularities and suspicious activity, including illicit market diversions

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